Stephanie Sorensen is an everyday hero and inspiration behind the comic Fire Girl. She is a volunteer firefighter for Pasco County Fire Rescue as well as a teacher for autism for Hillsborough County Schools. Stephanie is also raising her own child on the autism spectrum as well as moonlights as a Florida based actor. Together, her and her son Jayden, enjoy advocating to bring autism awareness to their community.


"Stephie had talked to me about things after
 I saw her article in the Laker on 'Step Up & Stand Out';
it was a pretty easy thing to do in developing Firegirl."

-Larry Spike Jarrell


She was born in St. Petersburg, Florida and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Florida. When Stephanie is not being a hero, she enjoys traveling, the outdoors and reaching out to her followers on social media.

"I think FireGirl is just a great way to reach out to my fans,
followers and to help inspire others. Especially when it comes to kids.

Throughout the story of FireGirl we will tell our readers a 'the moral of...' type tale.
Give a touch of Romance and even show the danger of being a Super Hero."
- Stephanie Sorensen